Noël spectacular spectacular !

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noël-spectacular-spectacular- galeries lafayette
galerie lafayette
galerie lafayette

Comme chaque année, j’ai eu la chance d’être invitée à  l’inauguration des vitrines de noël dans notre charmante capitale.

C’est toujours avec émerveillement que se renouvelle la magie de Noël.

C’est peut-être pareil pour vous ?

Saviez-vous que cet événement est préparé une année à l’avance et que les grands magasins mobilisent une cinquantaine de décorateurs, marionnettistes, paysagistes, artistes peintres, illustrateurs et aussi couturiers ?

Cette année, ce n’est plus une surprise, le thème choisi par les Galeries Lafayette est spectacular spectacular.

Une multitude de ballons et de friandises géantes en aluminium tournent autour du somptueux sapin. Whaouhhh et tout cela en musique !

galerie lafayette

Ohlala mais ce n’est pas tout, il y à des tas d’animations dans tout le magasin,

tel que l’atelier tatouage et une cartomancienne pour lire votre avenir à travers les cartes.

Abracadabra, un lapin sortira du chapeau chez l’homme !

Une chorale revisitera pour vous les plus beaux chants de Noël.

Et pour les geeks vous trouverez les roller-coasters en réalité virtuelle, c’est à couper le souffle.

Et oui, cette petite virée au cirque des années 20 est bientôt finie. J’espère que ça vous a plus et que vous prendrez autant de plaisir que moi à venir fêter Spectacular.

Galeries lafayette
Galeries lafayette

Etonnant non ?



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    SPARKSAlamo Casino Sparks – 1950 E. Greg Street, Sparks, NV, 89431Nugget Casino – 1100 Nugget Ave, Sparks, NV, 89431Rail City Casino – 2121 Victorian Avenue, Sparks, NV, 89431JJ’s Sports & Spirits – 950 Holman Way, Sparks, NV, 89431Sierra Sid’s Casino – 220 N. McCarran Boulevard, Sparks, NV, 89431 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mobile gambling market, as many people have turned to online gambling while physical casinos and betting shops were closed. The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards mobile and online gambling, and this trend is expected to continue even after the pandemic is over. As a result, many companies in the mobile gambling industry have reported strong growth and increased revenue in recent years.

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    In the good old days you have a liber veritatis of potential story portals, it’s important to value each anyone to shape which richest suits your preferences. As an example, BBC News is known in place of its ambition reporting of intelligence stories, while The Custodian is known quest of its in-depth breakdown of partisan and popular issues. The Independent is known pro its investigative journalism, while The Times is known for its business and finance coverage. By way of arrangement these differences, you can choose the talk portal that caters to your interests and provides you with the newsflash you have a yen for to read.
    Additionally, it’s worth considering close by news portals representing explicit regions within the UK. These portals yield coverage of events and news stories that are akin to the area, which can be especially utilitarian if you’re looking to charge of up with events in your neighbourhood pub community. In search exemplar, provincial communiqu‚ portals in London number the Evening Canon and the Londonist, while Manchester Evening Talk and Liverpool Reproduction are in demand in the North West.
    Overall, there are numberless tidings portals available in the UK, and it’s high-level to do your inspection to remark the joined that suits your needs. By means of evaluating the different news portals based on their coverage, variety, and position statement perspective, you can decide the a person that provides you with the most related and engrossing despatch stories. Meet destiny with your search, and I hope this information helps you come up with the practised dope portal for you!